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Why should you use an independent Agent/Broker?

We have access to numerous insurance companies that allows us to find the right plan to fit your individual needs while keeping your costs down. We will strive to represent ethical, quality insurance carriers and provide loyal, dependable representation.

There is a difference in where you buy your protection.

Some people think it doesn’t really matter where they buy their insurance. This misconception could be costing them money, service, and protection. Buying insurance isn’t like buying milk or bread. Insurance is an important safety net for your family, your home, your car, or your business. Don’t treat the purchase or your livelihood lightly!

Many people do not realize there are 3 sources for insurance:

Captive Agent: Represent only one company and can only sell policies from that one company.
Telephone Representatives: Represent only one company can can only offer it over the telephone.
Independent Insurance Agents: Have the ability and resources to represent hundreds of insurance companies. The Independent Agent researches with these companies to find you the right combination of price, coverage, and service.

• Auto
• Business
• Commercial
• Homeowners
• Motorcycle
• Renters Insurance
• Umbrella
• Life Insurance
• Health Insurance
• Bond
• General Liability
• Professional Liability
• Workers Comp
• RV Insurance
• Boat Insurance
• Notary Public
• Vehicle Registration Services

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